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South Grafton Men’s Bowls

Wednesday February 10 Men’s social bowls day. Good weather saw in the second social day of the men’s 2016 season and already it’s beginning to feel like we were never away. With the Green starting to run so well (thanks Wayne), six rinks were played out, four involving triples games, one with a swinging lead, whilst the other two rinks were utilised for pairs games. The results of the six matches were as follows: Rink (1). J Pye, B Kowal & P Gillespie d M Revell, D Andrews & I Cheyne 18-12; Rink (2). T Newsome, G Kilduff & L Preston d D James, J Gaddy & G Mallison 28-9; Rink (3). M Andrews, G Taylor & L Bond d B Kenny, J Flaherty & L Flaherty 27-15; Rink (4). W Powell (Swinging Lead), J Ashendon & R Cornell d W Powell (SL), J Mitchell & M Myers 19-12; Rink (5). A Madden & M Ransome d J Bessant & N Harrison 26-10; Rink (6). R Tucker & S Weber d W Peterson & L Andrew 28-19. Winning rink (2): T Newsome, G Kilduff, L Preston. Lucky team: J Pye, B Kowal, P Gillespie. The resting toucher went to Warren Powell and the jackpot was taken out by Rink (1) J Pye, B Kowal, P Gillespie, M Revell, D Andrews, I Cheyne. Friday February 12 Men’s mixed barefoot bowls day. Four rinks in play made up from three of triples, one requiring a swinging lead, and one of pairs. The results of all matches were as follows: Rink (1). L Perrett & L Bond d D O’Brien & C Nixon 21-13; Rink (2). S Scott, S Mandelc & J Pye d T Latter, R Pendergast & A Bunn 23-18; Rink (3). R Mandelc, S Ford & D Fitzsimmons d A O’Brien, K Fitzsimmons & B Essex 30- 15; Rink (4). T Cameron (Swinging Lead), J Flaherty & B Hayes d T Cameron (SL), M Bettison & L Andrew 25-19. Winning rink (4): T Cameron, J Flaherty, B Hayes. Chook Ends: End 8 – L Perrett, End 14 – D Fitzsimmons. The resting toucher went to Bobby Hayes and the jackpot was not won. D McLachlan