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South Grafton community benefits from lift & change facility

cvi-images   On Wednesday of last week Minister for Disability Services, John Ajaka, officially opened the Lift & Change facility at South Grafton Indoor Pool and Boyd-Nattress Complex. Lift & Change facilities are larger than a standard accessible changing facility to meet the needs of people with disability and their carers. They include extra features like ceiling hoists and adult change tables. Minister Ajaka said the NSW Government is committed to identifying opportunities to ensure people with disability can live life their way. “We understand a number of people with disability need more than a standard accessible change room,” Mr Ajaka said. “The Lift & Change facility means people with high support will no longer need to go home, wet in their swimmers and wrapped in a towel in their wheelchair. This facility means their carers will be able to change them with ease and comfort.” Lift & Change facilities in NSW will ensure people with disability, their carers, and families are not excluded from opportunities available to everyone else. The facility was partially funded by more than $30,000 from the NSW Government, as part of a program to increase the number of Lift & Change facilities built across the state. Member for Clarence, Chris Gulaptis, welcomed the arrival of a Lift & Change facility in South Grafton. “All members of our community should have access to basic facilities, like the indoor pool at South Grafton. I look forward to seeing how this Lift & Change facility will help local people with disability live full and active lives,” Mr Gulaptis said. The provision of Lift & Change facilities meets commitments in the NSW Disability Inclusion Plan and the NSW Carers Strategy. Other Lift & Change facilities will be developed at the Blue Mountains, Campbelltown & Yass.