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South Grafton celebrate ‘Christmas in July’

Wednesday 20th July – Men’s social bowls afternoon Who would have thought at this time of the year players would be sweltering in such unseasonal heat? A lovely afternoon to be on the Green but the unexpected temperatures soon had winter jackets and sweaters joining bowling bags and other gear on the sidelines. Five rinks today, four of triples and one of pairs. The results of all matches as follows: Rink (1). D James, J Gaddy & G Mallison d W Powell, C Roger & T Newsome 24-14; Rink (2). M Andrews, G Taylor & L Bond d K Cummins, M Vanzino & B Kowal 23-15; Rink (3). C Bennett, J Pye & P Gillespie d N Wilson, M Revell & L Preston 19-12; Rink (4). J Bessant, M Ransome & D Barker d B Kenny, J Flaherty & L Flaherty 17-14; Rink (5). T Latter & L Andrew d L Perrett & J Davis 25-13. Winning Rink: (5). T Latter, L Andrew. Lucky team: B Kenny, J Flaherty, L Flaherty. The resting toucher went to Dan Barker and the jackpot was not won. Friday 22nd July – Men’s mixed barefoot bowls Just three rinks today all triples games in very pleasant temperatures on a well running Green. Rink (1). T Latter, M Bettison & D McLachlan d J Mitchell, A Haines & B Hayes 33-18; Rink (2). A O’Brien, B Isaacs & A Bunn d D O’Brien, B Essex & John Mitchell 22-16; Rink (3). R Pendergast, J Flaherty & J Pye d B Kenny, L Andrew & L Preston 31-21. Winning Rink (2). A O’Brien, B Isaacs, A Bunn. Chook ends: No 8. A Haines, No 14. M Bettison. No resting touchers and the jackpot was not won. Saturday 23rd July Christmas in July dinner and bowls Saturday morning saw the Green come alive with colour as club members dressed in tinsel and sparkly Christmas teeshirts to celebrate Christmas in July. With morning tea over, a 9.30am start saw players lining up for a morning of fun. With novelty ends and a good deal of hilarity the final result saw new Women’s Club President Janet Kowal’s team take the honours. The game was followed by a traditional Christmas lunch; served in the appropriately decorated clubhouse. The tables sparkled and the meal was delicious; leaving very few scraps to save for Phyll’s chooks or anything else. Competitions were run, drinks were knocked back and all agreed it had been a great day spent in good company. A special thanks to the hard working events committee. Great job South Grafton. D McLachlan