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This image, shared on Facebook, has resulted in police charging a man who allegedly stole a wallet from News Xpress Yamba Fair on Tuesday July 9. Image: Contributed

Social media nets alleged shoplifter

Geoff Helisma |

Police have confirmed an alleged shoplifter caught on CCTV at News Xpress Yamba Fair on Tuesday July 9 has been charged as a result of a picture published on the newsagent’s Facebook site.

“Within four hours of putting the post up we pretty well knew who he was,” proprietor Jo Court said.

“We put a post up on Facebook and that got shared to Yamba Notice Board and the Yamba and Clarence Valley buy swap and sell sites.

“We had many messages, many phone calls and people coming in.

“He was identified and the information was sent off to the police and he has been charged.”

Ms Court said fellow business owners and the wider community were “instrumental” in tracking the man down as a result of the social media post.

“People hate thieving, so we’ve been really lucky.

“He [allegedly] stole a wallet out of a box – the box was left, it was quite clear it was stolen.”

Ms Court said the social media post was shared 250 times and that reviewing the CCTV footage was easy because we “regularly walk the tables”.

“We found the footage within half an hour; and we know exactly what is on the tables.”

The newsagent’s social media post said it was the “fourth theft we have had in recent weeks and we are sick of it”

Following the man being located, she posted: “Thank you to the wonderful community that we live in!!

“The man was identified by multiple people within a few hours of our post going up. The police are handling the situation from here.

“Huge thanks for the sharing of our post, the phone calls and messages with information, the lovely comments about our shop, and for the support from you all.

“We’re grateful to live in such a wonderful town with so many people who genuinely care.”