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Showgirls dazzle

Kristi Lawrence has always had her eyes set on becoming a Maclean Showgirl contestant and this year she not only fulfilled her dream; she took out the 2016 Maclean Showgirl title. For as long as she can remember, Kristi has exhibited at the Maclean Show starting out with school exhibits and progressing from fruit and vegetable and flower exhibits to this year entering a quilt and decorated cake. Her talents have not only been limited to the pavilions; she has also taken part in ring events with her horses. “It’s a privilege to have the opportunity (as Showgirl) to be a role model for other girls in the community,” she said. It was a busy day for the newly sashed Showgirl as she had to race off to change for her part as the girl in the “Man from Snowy River”, spectacular. Nicole Cowling was announced as Maclean Show Society’s first Junior Showgirl. Sixteen-year-old Nicole said that she had always wanted to have a go at Showgirl but had to wait until she was old enough to enter. “When the opportunity came up to enter the first Junior Showgirl competition this year, I went for it,” said Nicole. “I’m overwhelmed with emotion after becoming the first Junior Showgirl. “It was great to do it with the group of girls I entered with as well – they were always very supportive and kind,” she said. “I’ve always submitted art and danced (with the Scottish Town dancers) at the show, but this is a different side of the show and I’m proud to be a part of it.” For Grafton Showgirl Tammy Connor, becoming a Grafton Showgirl runs in the family. Tammy’s mum, Kim (nee Maxwell) was Grafton Showgirl in 1982. “It was beneficial having mums advice along the way and (sharing the journey and experience) makes it’s quite special,” said Tammy. “Runner-up showgirl Tara Stout’s mum was also a Grafton Showgirl and both Tara and I were Junior Showgirls.” Junior Showgirl Samantha Deibert said that she entered this year’s event as she thought that it would be fun and a good experience. “I’d like to encourage other girls my age, to have a go,” she said.