Ed, Residents of Mulligan Drive, Waterview Heights are less than impressed with Council’s management of their Petition to Council dated the 18th of September 2015. The CV Independent ran an article and photograph covering the Petition from 71 residents with regard to Council’s proposed sale of ‘Pocket Parks’. Council’s Code of Meeting Practice has an entire section (6.14) on how Petitions are meant to be handled by Council at Council meetings. This was adopted by Council on the 21st of April 2015. Petitions are meant to be received, tabled and reported in the Minutes of that meeting. This did not occur at Council’s October meeting. The following is a list of actions I have taken since the Council meeting in search of an explanation from Council. I wrote to Council’s David Bancroft who claimed that the above had occurred at Council’s October meeting. I asked a number of Councillors who confirmed that it had not. I wrote to the Mayor who said it had nothing to do with him and offered no help beyond referring me to Scott Greensill. I wrote to Scott Greensill and have yet to receive a reply. I also wrote to the Local State MP and will be writing to the Minister for Local Government. Council’s appalling actions and apparent disregard for an entire street of local residents reflects poorly on our valley. To add insult to injury, Council resolved to endorse a Motion from Councillors Lysaught and Howe (12.051/15) which changes the rules in regard to Petitions to “A minimum of 100 petitioners”. According to Council’s current document there was No intended review till September 2018. The proposed change would make it impossible for small streets and community groups, etc. to Petition our Council. The proposed changes are on public review for the next few weeks. If readers can find them, I hope they make comments about Council’s shameful attempts to further reduce the input that People of the Valley can have into local matters which impact on their lives. John Hagger, Waterview Heights