Securing the Valley’s water supply

Ed, I was very interested to read the headlines in this week’s Independent (15/7/15) when Geoff Helisma asked the question, “Who will pay to secure the valley’s water supply?” On page 8 in the letters columns I also had a letter printed which was titled “members of the mushroom club”, in which I referred to the fish ladder, which has never been built, the fact that Essential Energy is wanting out, and asked, what will happen to the water licence? Some advice to the CVC, just take the licence back, as I believe that it was initially given to the firm who was responsible for the operation of the power station which was to allow, then to control the flow of the river, but some how with all of the different firms who have operated it, it has got into the price structure and now someone is going to make heaps out of it when the station is sold which looks like Essential Energy. May I suggest that we are headed along the path of the CVC increasing our water costs to the same extent as the Queensland government, where we will have to pay similar prices to our rates… $350 – $450 per quarter. Would somebody please tell me where those on low incomes will be able to get this money from and how in the hell our aged pensioners will be able to survive, as they are already on struggle street? Bruce Apps, Townsend