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Second tennis comp at Maclean

cvi   Our presentation lunch was held at the top pub (Maclean Hotel) on Thursday 30 June and a good time was had by all. Jenny Mac, Connie and Chrissy won the raffles. Carol won the award for the Most Improved Player and Chris Farino won the Best Statistics award for comp 1. The teams for the 2nd comp which starts 21 July are listed below. Social tennis Thursdays until then. We still need reserves/fill-ins so please put your name on our reserve list if you are able to fill in for the odd game. As long as you can play we don’t expect too much, it’s a great competition and you can play 3 times without becoming a member. Just call Sue 0408 353 503 or Lynda on 0423 131 029 for further information. 1. Kay, Chrissy, Kim, Sharon 2. Julie Mc, Jenny G, Julie G, Marg 3. Allison, Di, Sue C, Paddy 4. Prue, Hariet, Wendy DB, Jenny W 5. Karen, Wendy O’B, Jo M, Bea 6. Sue, Kay B, Jenny Mc, Carol Sharon Travers