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School begins at Saint Joseph’s Primary Maclean

School started on Thursday for students at Saint Joseph’s Maclean with a explosion of happy faces and eager learners. Year 5 and 6 are an amazing group of students with an excited buzz in the air even before moving off to their classroom. They were very keen to quickly establish new routines and reflect on their roles as leaders in the the school. Miss Johnson and Mrs Barrington were very impressed with their wonderful group and the way they dived straight into work. Year 3 and 4 on their second day at school started the day with a prayerful reflection lead by Mr Layland of the things in their life they are grateful for. Year 1 and 2 have already been working very hard together and Mr Giese and Mrs Smith have already been so excited about the number of green cards they have given to their students. Kindergarten have been coming in for their individual Best Start screening and will commence school next week on Wednesday 3rd February. Swimming Carnival Our swimming carnival will be held next Friday, February 5 at Maclean pool. Little Joey’s Transition Class Little Joey’s starts next Friday, February 5. This class is for pre-school children who will begin school in 2017. For more information please ring our wonderful Sarah Robinson at the school’s front desk on 6645 2340. Beginning School Mass Beginning School Mass will be held in Saint Mary’s Parish Church on Friday, February 12.