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Roundabouts vs Lights

Ed ,

Councillor Andrew Baker has expressed concern over the relative cost of roundabouts compared to traffic lights (CVI 4/3/20).

I have another suggestion that would save even more money. Do nothing. Do nothing rather than impose traffic lights, up to three sets of them, on a town of only 7000 residents.

If Clarence Valley Council hadn’t approved the McDonalds and the Shell Service station on Treelands drive, against community wishes, and Councillor Baker voted to support both of these, the Treelands Drive – Yamba Road intersection would be under less stress. If Council hadn’t approved development on the floodplain along Carrs Drive, and Councillor Baker voted for it, that intersection would be under less stress.

It seems council creates problems for itself then seeks to resolve them in a reactive adhoc way.

I say put a freeze on any further approvals that add to traffic issues until the Yamba Road – Witonga link is constructed and the southern bypass implemented.

Graeme East, Yamba