Rob Durro and Peter Nielsen clean up at sausage sizzle shoot

Easter Saturday’s sausage sizzle 500 yard Club Championship shoot had very much of a picnic air about it, with the storm conditions holding off just long enough that nobody got either themselves or their gear even dampish, although some of the last shooters got caught out by the strong winds that preceded the rain. None of this seemed to matter to Rob Durrington who raced away with the Daily Aggregate in the Target Rifle division by three whole points, nor did it prevent Peter Nielsen from easing out a rampant David Grundy from the same in F-Class. Conditions were pleasant enough, but not dead easy either, and the off-rifle scores were a little down on the usual 500 yard results. Only two “possibles” were carded on the day. Nick Abrahall fired in one at his first visit to the firing point, but couldn’t match it in his second stage shoot when he copped the big blow that preceded the storm. Nevertheless, he hung on well enough to count out Dennis Hilton for the Grafton ShoppingWorld Butchery’s Top Off-Rifle trophy in the Target Rifle division. The other “possible” went to Nick DeBellis in F-Class. Nick banged his in his second stage, but it was still not enough to hold out David Grundy who finished the day just two points down, to take home the Grafton ShoppingWorld Butchery’s Top Off-Rifle in the F-Class. While all this was going on, Sue, John and Luke Bloomer were away trying their hand at the Inverell two-day Easter Weekend annual prize meeting. They started well on day one, but the final wash-up there, will have to wait until the final results are in. Next week the shoot will be from the 600 yard mound for the first stage of the Easter Trophy, which is to be contested over the 6, 7, 8 and 900 yard distances. This competition commences at 1pm. The range is located at 434 Trenayr Road, opposite the Koppers log mill, and adjacent to the Experiment Farm. Visitors and new members are always welcome. Anthony O’Keeffe