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Riverbank collapses on Woodford Island

The collapsed riverbank comes perilously close to Lawrence road on Woodford Island. Images: Lynne Mowbray.
A section of Lawrence Road on Woodford Island has been reduced to one lane only, after several pieces of the riverbank collapsed into the river. Several large cracks have begun to appear along the side of the road for almost a kilometre, some, within only centimetres of the road. Chris Moloney, who has lived on Woodford Island for 17 years, said that around 10 days ago he noticed fractures (cracking), starting to appear on the riverbank across the road from his property. “I notified the Clarence Valley Council [CVC] who came and assessed the riverbank,” said Mr Moloney. “After we copped the tail end of cyclone Debbie, the strong winds and heavy rain took out large sections of the riverbank. “They [the CVC] will have to get in and fix it properly, maybe by rocking the riverbank, there are no band-aid solutions for it. “When the strong wind hit the trees, which were mainly Shea Oaks with no root system, combined with the other extreme weather, big sections along the riverbank let go.” Anyone having to use the Lawrence Road, is urged to take care.