Responsible dog owner

Ed, My letter is in response to Lee-Anne Jones – Yamba (CVI 7/3/18) and Paula Searle – Iluka (14/03/18) regarding dogs and beaches. Firstly, I am a responsible dog owner and my dog is vaccinated yearly at a cost of approximately $200. My dog is also registered with the Clarence Valley Council and trained. You suggest that dog owners should take out dog damage/risk insurance – it makes me wonder if you have been attacked or had a bad experience with a dog and it cost you money. If something did happen to you I am sure that many responsible dog owners would attend to you medical/whatever needs. I agree that there are some people who are not responsible dog owners and some of the breeds of dogs have a lot to be desired. I note that you live in Iluka and I am not familiar with the rules and regulations on the beaches there. But in Yamba there are quite a few beaches that dogs are not allowed (which maybe needs to be policed by the ranger), so I have great difficulty in trying to understand why you cannot accept south of Pippi as a dog beach where our companions can run, play in the water, meet other friends and have a great time. After all we all need to share a bit more in this world for it to be a better place! I would say that the majority of responsible and I stress responsible dog owners supply their own dog bags and have their dogs vaccinated, registered and trained. If you have had a bad experience with a dog I fully understand your thoughts, but surely, we can get together and share our great amenities and don’t let irresponsible dog owners win by having our dog beach taken away. By the way my surname is also Jones (there are a few of us here – just like the Smith’s). Susan Jones, Yamba