Removal of all shade trees from McLachlan Park Maclean

Ed, The destruction of the remaining Camphor Laurel trees in Maclean’s McLachlan Park is underway as I write. For generations of residents and visitors they were the welcome to the town and the “signature” of the town. We could have delayed their destruction with direct action and probably have gained five minutes of television coverage. A week later it would all be forgotten and the added distress that would have inflicted on the elderly of the town, the people to whom those trees belonged would have been unacceptable. But I’m not writing about a few old shade trees in the Park. I’m writing about failure of a Councils and Councillors to fulfil their primary responsibility to act in the best interest of the people rather than to tell the people what is best for them. We have seen a decision made by Councillors that has caused unnecessary distress to many people in this town, many of them elderly. It was a decision made by people, most of whom have no connection with the town or its people. It was a decision clouded in ignorance, made by possibly well meaning people. Perhaps the days of “community”, and that desire to retain a thread with the past has gone. It’s sad that this has happened with such disregard to the sensitivities the people and disrespect for the elderly of the town. It’s now Monday and they have just stripped the little War Memorial garden of its pine tree and shrubs. Sad isn’t the word. Ian Saunders Hon Secretary Greater Maclean Community Action Group