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Reminder to contact council about public safety issues

The discovery of syringes and needles in one of Grafton’s parks has prompted the Clarence Valley Council to issue a reminder to residents about how to report such incidents. Council acting general manager, Ashley Lindsay, said council only became aware of the issue after one of the councillors saw it posted on Facebook. “Social media is a handy tool, but it is not the way to report incidents like this,” he said. “People should call council immediately if they see needles or other dangerous objects in public places, including public toilets. “I’m sure people post these things with the best of intentions, and we don’t want them to stop doing that, but we need them to contact council as well. “Council does not monitor social media sites, so there is no guarantee that we will be notified of a potential risk. “For issues like this where there is a risk to public safety, we aim to get there within an hour.” Contacts: During office hours phone 6643 0200 or, after hours, phone 6626 6858.