Reflect in thought


The thirty-year anniversary is nearing as the month of October approaches, but this year the memories are stronger and harder. The phone calls have started for stories and to express feelings and thoughts, some seem to bring this up each year as a trophy and say they were there. I wish I wasn’t, but a task was to be done on that day and done with pride. 

Unfortunately, the criticism and objection of how it should have been lingers in our minds. Surprisingly once medical attention arrived there was no loss of lives. Explain that critics, for those involved and with those injuries.

Some present received formal recognition, some others aspire but others there do not present themselves for anything, but often sit quietly and reflect on their thoughts and experiences from that day that challenged them, hoping that they will be able to suppress these one day and have them rest… it is not happening as yet.

It’s a big year – 30 years since the Cowper bus accident and people have moved on, but unfortunately the dual highway is not completed. Promises by politicians of all parties and no doubt celebrations will happen once completed to boost their egos, lots of colourful photos, lots of stories (I did this I did that) of grandeur.

However, the victims and families and others affected from that day suffer in silence, asking for no recognition. We will not be seen and will reflect in our own way in a quiet place.

I ask you, having read this letter to quietly think of those, who each day reflect on this day 20 October 1989 and spare a thought. Nothing will change what has happened, but a thought for those involved is special.

Thank you for your time as I will be somewhere silent, reflecting in thought.

(Name supplied and withheld by request)