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Rave party property owner cops maximum fine

The Clarence Valley Council has promised to take legal action against any landowner who hosts a ‘doof’, ‘rave’ or similar party on their property without proper approval. Council last week issued a $3000 fine (the maximum allowable) against a property owner who hosted an unauthorised rave party at Newton Boyd where 24-year-old David Gallagher of Green Pigeon died. Council general manager, Scott Greensill, said council would go after any landowner who hosted similar events without approval. “Rules are in place in order to make sure public events are safe, that they have proper medical facilities, proper effluent disposal, traffic management, safe food service and a range of other issues,” he said. “We will not allow people to flout rules that govern people’s safety. “If landowners think they can host illegal events like this without penalty they are completely misguided. “If they choose to break the law we will prosecute, no ifs, buts or maybes. “If you’re a landowner in one of these remote locations and you are approached by these operators, tell them you’re not interested and notify police. If you don’t, you could face severe penalties.” Mr Greensill said council’s investigations into the weekend event were continuing and it would work with other agencies, including police, to determine what other sanctions could be applied. “We make no apology for what some might consider a heavy-handed approach,” he said. “A young person who attended this latest festival is dead and their family grieving. We will do what we can to make sure other families don’t have to go through the same pain.”