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Probus Club of Maclean

President Maureen welcomed the 27 members and two intending members to the June general meeting.

Past president Ken then introduced our guest speaker, Gus Young from Telstra, and his colleague Melinda Saunders to update members of their need to be aware of changes to the current telephone systems with the introduction of the NBN in our region.

Gus owns the Telstra franchise which is located at the Yamba Fair Shopping Centre and he set out to explain to members: “The NBN and what does it mean to us?” He instructed us to ignore those telephone calls advising that our landline would be cut-off immediately because of the NBN. “Just hang up” he strongly advised. He pointed out that we have 18 months to change landlines over and Telstra will write giving this advice, not a telephone call. The ADSL switch-over will occur in Maclean in July 2020. He pointed out that for most of our needs a speed of 25 mbps would be enough. The NBN will be delivered in our area in two systems, either fibre to the curb or fibre to the node. Both systems were explained. Throughout the presentation Gus answered questions from individual members as to their special needs and requirements.

On behalf of members, Ken thanked Gus for his most informative presentation answering the many questions about the NBN and its effects alleviating many of the concerns expressed by members.

President Maureen presented us a brief history of Probus, which was set up in 1965 by retired academics in the UK and initially called the “Welwyn Garden City – Campus Club”. A year later Caterhan Rotary set up a club for retired professional and businessmen (“Probus”) to provide them with companionship and mental stimulation. In 1974 the Kapiti Coast Rotary Club Para Paraumu was established in New Zealand and in 1976, and in 1976 the Sydney Hunter’s Hill Rotary Club formed a Probus Club. There are over 2000 Probus Club’s in 22 countries worldwide, providing companionship to retirees and semi-retirees.

New member Alick Locke was welcomed as was Connie De Dassel, to the applause of members.

Special thanks were expressed by president Maureen to John and Beth Moore for arranging the very successful daytrip to Iluka, and the lunch at the golf club. Ken Muller announced that the next day trip will be to the Glen Ian Ostrich and Emu Farm at Tullymorgan on Thursday 27th June 27. The cost will be $25 for lunch and a tour of the facility, bus hire will be an additional $10 each. Pick up will be 9.30am at Wherrett Park, returning to Maclean 2.15pm.

Our next meeting date will be held at 10am on July 9.

Ken Muller