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Plaque to indicate wreck’s location

Chris Richards A plaque will be unveiled on the northern breakwater at Iluka at 10:30am on Thursday June 29, indicating the location of the wreck of the Royal Australian Navy tug, ‘Waree’, which sank there on October 17, 1946. The plaque was initiated by the Iluka History Group in response to queries from interested locals and visitors. An approach was made to Page MP Kevin Hogan who obtained funding under the Commonwealth Government’s Saluting Their Service Commemorations program. Mr Hogan will perform the unveiling adjacent to the north wall car park at 10:30am. President of the history group, Bob Carr, said the wreckage of the Waree is visible at low tide about 200 metres east of the car park. The crew of 21 managed to swim to safety from the floundering vessel after the order was given to ‘abandon ship’. No person was seriously injured and they were taken by launch to the Yamba lighthouse tug and then transferred to Yamba. An invitation has been extended to all interested persons to attend the unveiling of the plaque.