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Parents can also stress when the school holidays are over

Starting the new school year after a few weeks of holiday fun and relaxation is never easy, however children aren’t the only ones that struggle with this new routine. Parents also find it difficult when their children return to school and experience many emotions during this time ranging from sadness to anxiety to even resentment.

There are many ways that you can help your child as they transition into the back to school routine. These five easy tips can make the whole process a lot less overwhelming for both parents and children.

1 – Encourage your child to set goals and take responsibility – by encouraging your child to set goals and take responsibility for the upcoming school year really helps to get children into the right frame of mind. Research shows that children who participate in setting learning goals are consistently more motivated and take learning more seriously.

2 – Engage with their curriculum – if you want to help your child to set appropriate learning goals, it’s important to engage with their curriculum and be aware of what they will be learning and what they are expected to be proficient in. This will help to create achievable and reasonable goals.

3 – Ease into the back to school routine a few days early – over the holidays, schedules are usually more relaxed and children get used to going to bed and waking up later. This is one thing that can make the first few days of school difficult. If you can ease into the routine a few days early it will make those first few days a little easier as everyone is already used to waking up on time.

4 – Get organised – The more organised you are the easier the  first back-to-school mornings will be. Take the time to plan your morning routine in advance. This planning may include things like what time you need to wake up, what you’ll prepare for breakfast and laying out school uniforms the night before. It is also a good idea to get into the habit of packing lunch the night before as this is one less thing that you need to do in the morning.

5 – Have fun with it – school days may not be as exciting as holidays, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a sombre or boring time. Look for ways to keep things fun. This might including things such as a family breakfast, reading or watching a TV series together. Extracurricular activities can also make the school term fun. Choose activities that children will enjoy such as swimming, football, music or art.