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Osprey RSL Day Club

It was another fun day last Friday with all the usual program and an entertaining game of “Liar, Liar” thrown in for good measure.

It goes like this. A sylph like Bev D slinks around the room holding a large placard above her head displaying the current word that Leanne and Paul then give their version of the meaning. One is telling the truth, and of course one is lying. The audience then decide who is telling the truth and fill in a small form which is marked by the person sitting next to them! They are both so convincing, so much so that I really don’t trust either of them any more. If you want to investigate the words for your own personal knowledge, here they are Vulpinate, Spile, Groak, Abactor, Mushfaker! I got a stunning one correct answer which was an improvement on last year’s effort! I believe some well-read intelligent person got 5 correct answers, but I was so stunned I forgot to write down who it was… congrats.

The morning tea was delicious, but the pork medallions with apple sauce, gravy and side salad and chips were superb! Tender mouth-watering and perfect in every way. Thanks chef, and please may we have that again? Thanks too to the staff who are always so friendly and helpful despite all our little idiosyncrasies.

And the raffles were:

1st Gillian a ticket to the movies; 2nd Mary H for the sweets; 3rd Elaine for a free day pass; 4th Marie B for a free day pass; 5th Helen C for a mini hamper.

Now don’t forget that the Easter Bunny will be hopping into the auditorium this week laden with eggs. He will be expecting you to be sporting an Easter bonnet, or cleverly decorated fishing hat that has preferably been washed prior to decoration. Boys, I realise bonnets aren’t exactly your thing, but if you come without something on your head, you may find yourself wearing something we prepared a little earlier with pretty flowers and a big sash bow tied under your chin. Wouldn’t that be nice? So, get cracking everyone, you only have a few days to create that hat.

A very big warm welcome to our latest recruit Barbara P (alias!), that’s an “in” joke. It was so much fun getting to know you last week Barbara and to witness that great sense of humour of yours. You will have absolutely no trouble at all blending into our club of happy souls, and may I say those two beautiful people you were sitting with, Gloria and Julie, are the chief stirrers in the club and likely to lead you astray. Enjoy.

That’s all folks.

Sue Gunning