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Osprey RSL Day Club

It was so truly uplifting to walk into the auditorium last Friday and to see all those friendly smiling familiar faces.

A little trip away does so much to refresh the soul, and it reminds us that coming home to friends and family is just the best feeling. Home is where the heart is. There is a possibility that all those people in total lock down may not quite agree with me by the end of the week! Be ever so thankful we are safe here but be mindful to still observe the handwashing routine and sanitising is a must. Masks must be worn in the Bowling Club at the moment, so be prepared.

Our “Just Because We Can Day” was a great success and true to form, Leanne was full of surprises. There was a large jar filled with liquorice all sorts on the table and we each had to guess how many lollies were in the jar. Winner takes all! David M was the lucky winner and he and Dorothy will have hours of delight sharing the jar. I suggest all things in moderation…or you know what?

Another surprise for the members was a gorgeous poppy scarf for the ladies, suitable to be worn on Anzac too, and a bottle of port for the men. The reason? Just Because We Can. It was a lovely gesture appreciated by all.

We of course fitted in all our usual activities of exercises (which I could tell you had really missed), quiz, Bingo, bangers and spuds, and of course cards and Rummikub. A great day all round really. If the boys let me play Rummi with them next week, I will promise not to win……. well maybe just one game! The devil makes me do it David P.

Now for some reason I don’t know who won the lucky door prize, so I will have to wait and see which member has a red nose, or who has gained a kilo!

Pete and Helena each won a $20 Coles voucher, and Bev D won a face washer and hand towel in Pick-a-Box.

On a more serious note, we have had no response to our request for a volunteer bus driver. There must be some wonderful person out there who would enjoy the reward of bussing our members to and from their homes each Friday. If you know of anyone who just might be prepared to give us two hours of their time each Friday and drive the Bowlo Bus, please encourage them to come forward. I can assure them our members are all well behaved, but lovable larrikins. If interested contact Leanne on 0413 101 518.


Sue Gunning