Obvious our council staff are not caravanners

Ed, RE: Letter (CVI 12/10/16) “Clarence needs RV sites”. Having retired from our local business and having done some 60,000 kilometres in our caravan all around Australia over the last six years I agree with Carol Randall. We have stayed in several hundred caravan parks and free site in our travels. It is obvious our council staff are not caravanners or motor home people and have no idea about current trends and requirements for the booming RV travellers. Just to see the number every night at our beautiful showground proves publicity on the internet and in detailed publications like Camps 8 draws people here. However council should be encouraging more RV’s not limiting them. Ten sites only at Lawrence is ridiculous and so are the limited number at our showground. Council ought to promote the use of other sites as well, such as the large area opposite Ilarwill Quarry, the park in Brushgrove etc. There is no need from electricity points, maybe a water tap and maybe waterless composting toilets but certainly a garbage skip bin. Another serious problem in Maclean and Yamba is there are no clear signposted areas for more than one or two caravanners to park while shopping. An example is Barcaldine in central Queensland that has room for 15-18 to park near their shops. It really is time to make our area RV friendly in practise not theory. Graham Robb, Townsend