Not a good look!

Ed, It’s not a very good look for the Clarence Valley Council to advertise the most significant development Iluka has seen in decades, on Christmas Eve! People are on holidays and celebrating with their family and friends this festive period. Local business owners are busy servicing the visitors to our town. This very large 162 lot subdivision needs careful consideration and comment from the community. The day before Christmas is hardly the time to advertise this DA when the Mayor himself is apparently not due be back from his holidays until the 22nd of January which is the closing date for submissions for this DA! Many government departments are closed or partially closed with many staff on lengthy holidays. Surely this submission period needs to be extended by at least another 30 days so any one interested has time to read this 400 page development application and be given a chance to comment on it if they wish. And while the Council is at it, could Council please provide the Iluka library with a copy of the development application as it is very inconvenient for many to have to go to Grafton or Maclean to view the DA in this very busy period. Editors note: (see story page 1) Tony Belton, Iluka