No to traffic lights

Ed, I object strongly against the installation of traffic lights at the junction of Treelands Drive and Yamba Road. Such installation is totally unnecessary and the small community ambience that Yamba enjoys at present would be lost forever. Traffic lights are definitely not the answer. Has anybody given any real thought to alternatives apart from a roundabout or traffic lights? I would suggest that the problem of congestion could be solved, simply be extending Witonga Drive on to Yamba Road: A distance of approximately 250 meters. This would allow traffic to flow the length of Gumnut Road and to return left on a straight road to Yamba Road. No costing has been determined, but surely this would be cheaper than the cost of traffic lights. Certainly, this would be of benefit to those motorists exiting Yamba and allow for those entering Yamba an alternative route into town. Then those using Treelands Drive would diminish considerably and would be restricted, in the main, to those utilizing the commercial aspects of the area. The so called “congestion” on Treelands Drive would be virtually eliminated. There is comment that certain “peak periods” are the main cause of concern. These periods are basically over Christmas and Easter; approximately 6-8 weeks of the year. This leaves the rest of the year (42 weeks) when there would be no congestion and certainly no need for traffic lights at all. There may be other alternatives, but my thought is that much more consideration must be given to this issue before any decision is reached. Also, there must be an opportunity for the residents of Yamba to have an input before a decision is made. James Stone, Yamba