No plan for precious water


There’s still no plan to address our children’s climate crisis so that our weather gets back to normal and we will have more rain again.

The result is last week’s front page, banner headline in The Independent ‘SW Queensland wants Clarence River’s water’.

This is because there’s still no plan about how to make better use of the diminishing supplies of water that is now available in today’s rapidly changing climate.

So until we seriously address the climate emergency, how can better water use be achieved before water from the headwaters of the Clarence has to be diverted inland and inter-state?

It strikes me that our children and grandchildren will be asking those sorts of questions about the precious water in the world we hand on to them.

So what sort of things do other countries do to use water in less wasteful ways?

Reusable items use far less water than single-use disposable items whose CON-venience is better suited to a throw-away world. So if you choose to use products with built-in obsolescence or products that can’t be repaired, think about it.

Many people love their very thirsty gardens, however if you choose to plant an Australian garden with far more local native plants your water bill will be far less and your garden will be brought to life with the sound and colour of many more birds. So when are large rainwater tanks going to be mandated for every new home since half your water bill comes from water used outside your home?

When out and about for a coffee, do you BYO reusable mug every time to save water and obtain a cheaper mug of coffee?

And for our children’s and grand children’s sake how much longer before we start to recycle our precious water back into drinking water? When it comes to using water far more efficiently, that really is the big water saving solution that really doesn’t cost the Earth. 

Harry Johnson, Iluka