No increase in public amenity

Ed, It seems to have escaped public notice, but Clarence Valley Council is currently relocating a toilet block from a site conveniently positioned adjacent to the Maclean central business area and onto parkland a hundred and fifty meters distant. The gain is two car parking spaces but at the cost of a dominant shade tree and yet another piece of MacLachlan Park. If the relocated toilet is anything like the one relocated in Cameron Park, there will be no increase in public amenity. The work is being funded not from the “strategic building fund” but from the proceeds of the sale of a large portion of the towns parking space and a significant part of what remained of Cameron Park to a private company. There will be very little change from half a million dollars and subsequently insufficient funds to deliver anything approaching an acceptable upgrade of the MacLachlan Park, Councils originally stated destination of the Cameron Park sale proceeds. The truly galling part of this is that while Maclean is starved of funding, this same Council is quite prepared to asset strip the town to fund the Grafton “Super Depot” without even a legitimate transparent business case for the development. Ian Saunders, Maclean