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New roundabout for Yamba intersection

cvi   A proposal by the Westlawn Property Trust, to build a service station on the corner of Treelands Drive and Yamba Road, will most likely result in a roundabout being built at the intersection. Clarence Valley Council (CVC) placed the development application (DA) on exhibition for 14 days – -submissions close this Friday at 4.30pm – and it can be viewed at the Maclean or Grafton council offices. The DA’S traffic study notes that CVC has previously considered constructing a roundabout at the intersection. “As this development is only one of many developments in the area that contribute towards the need for a roundabout, it is reasonable that development contributions remain in proportion to the additional traffic generated by the service station,” the DA proposes. “The development’s generation of 89 trips in the PM peak period (3.30-4.30pm) can be proportioned as an additional 8 per cent of the total (1155 trips) 2016 traffic at the intersection, based on survey results. “As such, it is reasonable that the development would be responsible for providing $16,000 in contributions for the roundabout construction and works.” The DA estimates that the roundabout would cost, “conservatively”, $200,000. In January 2013, the Independent reported that the “council estimates that the roundabout, which would have to be built on a concrete base to withstand the ‘screwing effects of trucks’ passing through, would cost $400,000”. In a report to council at the time, which addressed the availability of state or federal grants, then director Rob Donges suggested that “an application could be made to the RMS for state funding (50:50), though it would appear that this would have no chance of success unless they were to agree to fund 50 per cent of a $230,000 roundabout, but approve the construction of a $400,000 roundabout”. “This would result in a minimum cost to the council of $285,000.” Councillors have resolved on several occasions in the past to seek grant funding, however, these applications [if they were made] have been unsuccessful. The DA applicant is proposing to operate the petrol station “24 hours a day, 7 days a week and comprise a retail/cashier unit and fuel retail area of 143.4m2, four petrol bowsers (with 8 filling positions), underground fuel tanks, associated parking, landscaping, signage and bulk earthworks / retaining walls”. Submissions close at 4.30pm on Friday.