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Never bin your batteries – just B-cycle them

Batteries disposed of in bins are causing fires in waste trucks and facilities across the country, endangering workers, damaging equipment and wasting a valuable resource that could otherwise be recovered.

To prevent battery fires occurring – Never bin your batteries!

Here’s how to dispose of batteries safely

  • Remove from appliance
  • Tape terminals with clear sticky tape to prevent short circuiting
  • Place in ventilated glass container and drop off promptly at your nearest B-cycle drop-off point

B-cycle drop off points are available at many large local high street retailers. To find your nearest, visit

Alternatively you can drop them at  either of council’s two Community Recycling Centres located at Grafton Landfill & Resource Recovery Centre and the Maclean Waste Transfer & Recycle Centre, or at one of council’s handy Community Recycling Stations For more information contact Council on 6643 0888 for Grafton or 6645 5225 for Maclean.

This project is a NSW Environment Protection Authority Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy initiative, funded from the waste levy