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Naval and Mariners has a new Parade Commander

On Saturday August 7, the Naval and Mariners Clarence Valley chapter held their 5th Annual General Meeting at the RSL Hall Maclean. 

The meeting was well attended and included three new members, Lee Higgin (ex-RAN), John Fitzpatrick (ex-RAN and Merchant Navy) and Brian Lockhart (ex-Naval Cadets) welcome aboard. 

President John Bloom opened the meeting at 11.30 with the Naval Ode, followed by his report on the years events. Disappointment but understanding that our revenue raising had halted due to the restrictions of BBQ’s outside IGA, John thanked secretary, Peter Pritchard and treasurer, Laurel Burr for keeping the ship on course during these unprecedented times. 

Homage and tribute to our founding member Mr Roger Jones who is sorely missed but watching from above that the organisation continues strongly. 

Highlight of the year was the joint meeting with the Nambucca Valley and Ballina Shire crew at Brushgrove in May, but once again disappointment in not being able to reciprocate their hospitality late July due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, thus a trip to Bowraville had to be postponed.  John moved a motion to accept his report which was seconded by Peter Barnes and carried.  

There was no secretary report as all positions were retained last year. The treasurers report revealed a balance of just over

$1000 and a call for fundraising ideas was made to cover our ceremonial commitments in the new year, this was held over to a general meeting. The report was seconded by Rob Pye and carried.

President John vacated the chair and moved a motion that all positions be declared open for election, announcing his retirement after five dedicated and successful years at the helm. After some discussion John Fitzpatrick nominated Ted O’Neill for President, seconded by Peter Barnes and accepted. Members voted unanimously for Ted with some assistance from John in the ceremonial duties. Ted O’Neill was voted in as President for 2021/22.  Jean Meaney was nominated by Laurel Burr for vice president and elected as such. Trevor Plymin nominated Peter Pritchard as secretary and elected as such. Trevor also nominated Laurel Burr as treasurer and elected as such. Trevor will continue on as welfare officer and the members as a whole were asked to assist at functions and ceremonies as general committee members – carried.

New Parade Commander, Ted, took the wheel, and thanked John for all his work and comradery. The meeting closed at 11.50 and moved on to our bi-monthly general meeting followed by a light lunch and beverage.


Peter Pritchard