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National Spinal Health Week…are you ready for life?

The message from the Australian Chiropractors’ Association this year is asking the question … Are you ready for life?

Life is full of unknowns but you can take simple and practical steps to help yourself be ready to deal with the demands of life.

Chiropractors are focused on the diagnosis, management, and prevention of disorders of the spine. As such chiropractors are ideally placed to assist Australians as they age and help them improve their quality of life when spinal dysfunction occurs.

Top 3 tips for good spinal health:

  1. Have a variety of stretches and exercises and be consistent with it even if you are feeling good. The best form of movement is doing things you enjoy.
  1. Posture is habitual. The choice is yours: are you going to choose to protect your spine and form a good habit or not.
  1. See a chiropractor. In Australia 3.7 million people reported back problems in 2015 alone. A dentist checks your teeth. A mechanic does maintenance on your car. What are you doing for your spine?

The three most common mistakes regarding your spinal health:

  1. Sitting too long. Australians on average spend 5 hours a day sitting down with a quarter of the population sitting for more than 8 hours a day.
  1. Taking advice from people and professions who don’t see spinal problems day in day out. Would you take advice on a leaky roof from an electrician? How productive are you at home or work or doing the things you enjoy when your body is not working well? Make your health a priority.

    3. “She’ll be fine attitude” Ignoring a sign something isn’t right. If your body is trying to tell you something and you mask it by taking pain killers. Could you be making the problem worse in the long run? Usually the sooner you do something about it the better the change.

As part of the National Spinal Health week Clarence Valley Chiropractic is offering readers free spinal checks at their Maclean and Yamba clinics. Call 6645 4242.