My suggestion for a new helipad

The people of Maclean in association with the Auxiliary of the Maclean District Hospital have had enough fortitude (without any government or outside help), to construct a “helipad,” adjacent to the hospital.
Why, because it is a community that cares for its sick people and as always, believes that the community deserves such a service in the case of an emergency. Now the hospital and the community have been told that the helipad doesn’t meet Australian Standards and the powers that be have condemned it, leaving the township without such a necessary piece of equipment. A helipad is so vital and necessary for the hospital in the case of an emergency. Even after the highway is completed such a helipad would not be a waste because there will always be accidents that require urgent hospital attention.
Failing any state or federal government action concerning the helipad upgrade to meet the necessary standards, may I suggest to all interested people and those who built it to start with, that approaches be made to the various big companies that are building the extensions to the new Pacific Highway. They could be approached to offer the necessary money, to cover/meet occupation, health and safety concerns. It would be in their interest, to fix the problems with the helipad or even offer the services of such workers as welders and labourers to volunteer their skills to make it a satisfactory workable hospital attachment. You never know, an executive employee or a politician might have to be rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment, if there was no helipad available, “the proverbial would hit the fan.”
Bruce Apps,