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Visitors to Wahgungurry Alpacas on Mother’s Day enjoyed a complimentary morning tea and a chance to get up close to the resident alpacas on the Lower Southgate property. Image: Emma Pritchard.

Mother’s Day with some special friends

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to have Devonshire tea and scones with a friendly herd of alpacas, but Colin and Pauline Glasser of Wahgungurry Alpacas at Lower Southgate, graciously opened their home, and their paddocks, to more than 200 visitors on Mother’s Day, making the annual celebration an extra special occasion.

Mums of all ages, along with their children and grandchildren, spent the day feeding, cuddling and learning about alpacas as the gorgeous four-legged hosts enjoyed the additional love and attention they received from the adoring public.

Among the many admiring visitors were the Armstrong family from Grafton.

Although they admitted to not having enough room at their home to keep an alpaca or two, they agreed the open day at Wahgungurry Alpacas was a good day out for the whole family, especially on Mother’s Day.

“My wife Georgia, she just loves alpacas,” Mr. Armstrong said with a smile.

“It was nice to bring her on Mother’s Day as a special present for her.”

The recent opening day at Wahgungurry Alpacas also coincided with Alpaca Awareness Week, with visitors able to view historical and factual displays about the popular animals and purchase knitted garments made from their fleece.

Mrs. Glasser said it was great to celebrate Mother’s Day and Alpaca Awareness Week together, adding she was pleased so many visitors enjoyed their time at her property with her beloved alpacas.

Visitors to the property also raised more than $100 for the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter through donations.