Make a tiny effort


The newspaper you have in your hands or are reading online is extraordinary. The people who own it, run it, print it, edit it, write for it, answer the phones and email me the dreaded bills are extraordinary. 

I have been advertising and writing press releases for North Coast newspapers since last century and the two left standing, the Tweed Valley Weekly and the Clarence Valley Independent are amazing examples of everything that is good about the Northern Rivers. They persevered through bushfires, drought, COVID and floods even as trillionaire Rupert Murdoch gave up publishing newspapers on the North Coast. How good is that? How lucky are we that they are still supporting local democracy, local business, local choice and your local voice?

But it is a struggle, and they need us to make a tiny effort. Do your shopping with local businesses that advertise here and tell them you saw their ad in your community paper. Advertise your own business in these pages and get a great return.

Support your local paper, support your local community, your independence and your choices.

Murray Lees, Murwillumbah