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Maclean Sport Centre

Squash – This week will be the last week of competition games before the end of the year. We will be having games next Monday night, for anyone that would like a game, come along at 6pm, for your final game of the year. Match of the week last week was between Tony Berger & Adrian Pryor. Going game for game & point for point in the final set it could of went either way, but it was Tony who came away with the win in the final point of the match 17-16 & just winning on points (70-68), Jim Croft def Brendan Watkins 15-11, although Brendan won on points (65-61); Nick Plummer def Anna Snape 15-10; Danny Wilson def Peter Greenland 15-9; Andy Potter def John Smith 15-8. Futsal Juniors – This week will be the last week of Junior Futsal. If there is anyone interested & having a game, you should come along Wednesday afternoon from: 3.45pm. Seniors – Last weeks results: A Grade: Jungle Juice def The Vipers 15-5; Scoursers def P/V + 1, 15-5. B Grade: Pirates def Wildcats 9-4; Coops def S.T.E.V.Es 8-3. Grand final will be played this week in both A & B Grade on Wednesday night. Wednesday, December 16 5.30 – Scoursers v Jungle Juice – (A Grade) 6.15 – Pirates v Coops – (B Grade) Netball – Last week’s results: The Maybes def M.A.S 35-29 in a great game going right down to the final quarter. The Maybes Kate Collins was on target all night shooting some great goals, along with some strong defence in the circle & for M.A.S, all-rounder Allira Farlow was there best. Fired Up def Bottoms Up 21-16. Fired Up Brooke Anderson shooting some great goals, along with great defence by Stacey Anderson & Bottoms Up Rachael Skyes & Bryce Glesson were strong in defence all night. Team captains will be notified of a playing time for next week. For further information on any of the finals, you should contact the centre on 6645 5769 or 0408 852 881.