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Maclean Ladies Golf

Congratulations Pat Harris, our 2015 Ladies Club Champion! Congratulations also to our Div 2 Champion, Helen Graney and Div 3 Lexie Simmons. Well done to our runners up, Chris Forrester in Div 1, Kim Moore in Div 2 and Sandra Youlten in Div 3. To all the other ladies who took part in the three rounds of the Championships, perhaps it will be your turn next year. In the final wash up after the three rounds, Helen Graney stood out as the winner of the 54-hole nett event played in conjunction with Pauline Ryan r/up. Last Wednesday’s final round was also a daily event played in the usual two divisions for the 6th Monthly Medals and was sponsored by the Professional Real Estate in Maclean. Tina Hogg won had the best nett in Div 1 to win the medal from Nancy Phillips who also had the best gross and was NTP on the 17th. In Div 2 Cathy Parker had the best nett and won the medal, the best gross and took the NTP on the 2nd with Lexie Simmons r/up. The O’all NTP on the 7th (sponsored by Playmore Golf at Yamba) was won by Liz Pearcey and on the 11th (sponsored by Sue and John Fong Kee) went to Chris Forrester. Sherree Forsythe took home the putting trophy. Club balls went to Kim Moore, Helen McFarlane, Pat Harris, Pauline Ryan and Chris Forrester and Ros Jacobs had the Best Nine in Div 2. Today, July 1, Maclean Ladies are playing a 2bbb Red Ball Stableford sponsored by the NRMA and Kate Hemmy. Partners have been selected for this fun event after three weeks of serious play with the championships. Next Wednesday it is back to serious golf when the event is an 18-hole stroke event for the 7th Monthly Medal. This is also the 5th Golf NSW Medal round and the 2nd Gwlad Murray round for our veteran ladies. We are again in school holiday time and this is a good time to remind visitors to the valley that they are always welcome to “Take the Challenge” of the Maclean Golf Course. You are welcome to play a social round or join in our chook hunt on Monday or Tuesday or even the TGIF 9-hole Par 3 event played each Friday afternoon. You are also welcome to join our regular medley competition events on Thursdays and Saturdays for the ladies on Wednesday. Jenny Apps