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Maclean & District Orchid Society

At the meeting in June, 124 beautiful plants were benched to admire and for assessment.

Judges Choice orchid, its depth of colour Rlc. Midnight Delight – Terry & Penny Bird; Popular Vote orchid, an eye-catching large Gtd. Kulnura Calypso – Chris Vestergaard; Both Judges Choice and Popular Vote flower, a spectacular ‘Unknown’, Robyn Randle. Congratulations winners.

VP Terry Bird began this diverse interest in orchids in 1980 with Cymbidiums, known as the ‘king of orchids,’ and gave a lovely presentation. Whether experienced growers or beginners, there is much of interest in the company of other enthusiasts; so do feel welcome.

Our next meeting is the AGM on Saturday July 20, at the Presbyterian Church Hall, Church Street Maclean. Plants are benched by 1pm for judging. The meeting begins 1.30pm. Lucky door and raffle prizes are included, plus afternoon tea.

Penny Bird