Community News

Maclean District Historical Society

All of our members are back after the recess.
The rowing scull donated by Mrs Essex used by her late husband, has been put into position and it is an impressive addition to our Museum collection. Mrs Essex has visited and taken photographs for her family. Thank you to all concerned in the integration of this display.

Two items were left at the cottage verandah but there was no identification, these are interesting pieces.

The AGM of MDHS Inc. will be held at the Museum on March 3 at 9.30am.

It was our great pleasure to receive Mr Warren Rackham and Mr Bob MacPherson representing the Greater Maclean Community Action Group, who presented a cheque from the closure of the group. Photographs were taken for our newsletter.

Greg Towner donated a number of small books, one on the Schwonberg Slipway at Maclean and the other on the Schwonberg diving suit used in the 1890’s.

We are continuing to be short on roster staff, any help would be welcome.

The initial opening of the Stone Cottage was for 14 days between December 27th, 1974 and January 27th, 1975 for three hours a day. It was inspected by 180 people from near and far.

The Stone Cottage was built by Johann George Schaefer after 1879 using sandstone quarried from the site. It has been setup to a “living history” replica of a typical home from the turn of the century.

Ken Muller