Community News

Maclean District Historical Society

From all of us at the Museum, we would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year for 2020.

For those of you wishing to visit the Museum, we opened again on Tuesday of this week. Museum opening times are as follows for the rest of the year:- Tuesday: am – 12noon, Wednesday: 1pm – 4pm and Saturday: 1pm – 4pm.

A few interesting facts about the history of settlement in Maclean.

* While many of the early settlers along the Clarence were farmers from the Highlands of  Scotland there were also groups of Irish and German settlers.

* The early crops in the valley were maize and cotton.

* By 1865 sugar had become an increasingly important local crop.

* By 1874 Harwood had a sugar mill. The oldest operating mill in Australia.

* Maclean was declared a municipality in 1887.

* Maclean became a shire in 1957.

Hope to see you throughout the year.

Ken Muller