Lazy householders

Ed, Clarence Valley Council is in the middle of the annual Bulk Rubbish Collection and what a good job they are doing. Retailers must have had a good year judging by the amount of mattresses displayed on the footpath. The amount of product is only eclipsed by the rubbish piles after the Lismore floods. Who has three old barbecues to throw away? The person probably collected them this time last year. The amateur recyclers are out in force grabbing anything from copper cables to lounge suites, even arguing with others, who got there first. My big gripe is aimed at the people who are too lazy to use their garbage and recycling bins. Why do they need to stack cartons of loose items, small bits of wood, paint tins, old toys and small appliances etc. on the footpath, when they can all be fitted into the red, yellow and green bins supplied by council for that purpose? This rubbish pick-up is a big cost to Council but I am sure, money could be saved if householders weren’t so lazy and made better use of their own bins. Ian Faulkner, Yamba