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The Lawrence Museum was recently announced as the winner of the Innovation and Resilience category at the 2021 IMAGinE Awards in recognition of the hard work and dedication by local volunteers and community members. Image: Emma Pritchard

Lawrence Museum wins IMAGinE Award

Emma Pritchard

At the Lawrence Museum, the welcome addition of a 1930’s style building, constructed within the past couple of years with the support of the local community via generous donations, fundraising efforts and NSW Government grants, has allowed the popular local attraction to display their impressive collection throughout an extra 500m2 of floor space, and preserve the rich history of the region for the enjoyment and admiration of visitors and future generations.

And now, the dedication and forward planning demonstrated by the hard-working volunteers at the Lawrence Museum to help bring the project to life, along with the support they continue to receive from their local community, has been recognised at state-level.

On November 25, the Lawrence Museum was announced as the winner of the Innovation and Resilience category at the 2021 IMAGinE Awards via a live streamed ceremony from Sydney.

Recognising the museums brilliant contributions and community engagement, the award also honours the many volunteers who dedicate their time to looking after the buildings, its treasures, and the visitors who walk through the front doors.

Vice President of the Lawrence Museum Roz Jones, who nominated the local attraction for the award, said the win is testament to all of the hard work undertaken by the construction workers and volunteers during the completion of the new building, the community groups and local residents who kindly assisted with fundraising, and local businesses and industries who also made generous donations.

The timber poles used in the construction of the new building were donated by Koppers Wood Projects and Essential Energy while a number of floorboards were donated by NSW Forestry.

“The people who have helped us with this project have been so wonderful,” Ms Jones said.

“It’s not just a museum project, it’s a community project.”

Ms Jones revealed she nominated the Lawrence Museum at the 2021 IMAGinE Awards because she wanted everybody involved to be recognised for their ongoing efforts and achievements.

“It’s great to win, but most importantly, I just wanted the people who have helped us so much along the way to be recognised for everything they have done,” she said.


The Lawrence Museum is located at the former 2NR building in Merton Street, Lawrence. Current opening hours are between 1-4pm on weekends. Admission is $5 per person. EFTPOS is not available. For further updates, please visit the Lawrence Museums Facebook page.