Lyn and her Golden Hoop. Image: Contributed

Lawrence croquet – ‘Golden Hoop’ to Lyn

Tuesday July 31 We welcomed two visitors from Armidale, Hubert (Hookey) and Lyn Radlingmayr, this was their first ever attempt at croquet and they took to it like a duck to water. Lyn even managed a Golden Hoop on the longest part of the court. Results Karen/Hazel d Joy/Leanne 4-7, 7-6, 7-1; Leanne/Karen d Carol/Ann 7-5; Brein/Vois d Lynne/Nancy 7-4; Ken/Kathy d Lyn/Hookey 7-2; Hookey/Ken d Kathy/Lyn 7-2; Karen/Hookey d Lyn/Lorraine 7-4 7-2; Ann/June d Kathy/Edna 7-4; Leanne/Nancy and Ken/Joy had one game all 7-6 6-7; Hazel/Vois showed up the lads Donny/Brein winning 7-6 7-4; Peter/Lyn d Jean/Carole 7-4 7-3; Lynne/Karen d Hookey/Lorraine 7-3. In a singles game Lynne 7 d Nancy 6. Golden Hoops went Lyn R, Joy, Leanne and player of day Lorraine three. Thursday August 2 Leanne/Hazel and Joy/Karen shared the spoils 7-6 3-7; Ann/Leanne 7 d Hazel/Bob 5. In a 3 way singles June with a golden hoop 7 d Lorraine 5 and Donny 4; Heather/Nancy were too good for Edna/Esmae 7-6 7-5 7-5; Ann/Leanne d Hazel/Bob 7-5 despite Bob’s Golden Hoop on the full size court that’s 20 metres hoop to hoop, be proud; Nancy/Heather d Edna/Esmae 3 games to nil, Karen/Esmae v June/Peter ended one game each, as did Jean/Edna v Donny/Lorraine, I believe Lorraine has developed a new technique when striking from the roadside. Finishing the doubles Hazel and Ann d Leanne/Nancy 2 games to nil. Singles games Bob d Ann 7-6 7-4 7-5, and to continue his good day Bob 7 d Joy 3. On Wednesday 8th, seven of us are visiting Iluka to get a bit of practice at Ricochet, hopefully they’ll let me win one game this time, skirt and lippy at the ready. Peter Pritchard