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Lads from Lawrence

Top: World War 1 Rally at Lawrence. Bottom: Victory Boot. This leather boot, made in the image of the Aussie Diggers boot was produced as part of the victory celebrations c1918. It was a vesta or match holder and has a striker on the base of the boot. There are steel studs on the sole. Images: Contributed.
  World War I, sometimes called the ‘Great War’, lasted four years, from 4 August 1914 until 11 November 1918. Although the theatres of war were very distant from Australia, its membership of the British Empire ensured that there was strong (although not universal) public support for involvement in the war. In 1914, Australia’s Prime Minister, Andrew Fisher, immediately promised Australian support for Britain ‘to the last man and the last shilling’. The Australian population in 1914 was less than five million but more than 324,000 Australian men enlisted and served overseas. World War 1 rallies were held throughout the country to encourage young men to join the Armed Forces. This photograph shows such a scene in Lawrence. The Army Band is marching toward the wharf. In the back ground is the old hotel , saleyards and auctioneer’s building. This photograph is one of many in the Lawrence Museum, Salute to Servicemen display. The display includes photograph of many of the men and women who served our country in both WW1 and WW2, and Vietnam. Personal items, diaries and memorabilia, are also included. The Lawrence Museum will be open, free admission on ANZAC day from 9.30am – 12 midday for those who wish to view the Salute to Servicemen display. Roz Jones