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Iluka’s historic walks

New brochure details Iluka town walks.

Residents and visitors alike can take a copy of new brochures detailing historic walks around Iluka.

These colourful lift outs have been created by the Iluka Historical Society in time for Easter. Most of the work was done by resident artist Janet Hauser, which gives it a very professional look.

Most people are familiar with the bayside walk, now extended to main beach but this brochure details three distinct walks. One covers the river walk from the old ferry crossing and follows the old entrance to town via the now defunct cricket oval.

The main walk follows the bayside interpretive signs from the museum itself and concentrates on the rock wall constructions which was paramount in Iluka’s settlement.

Another walk shows some of the older buildings in town which were managers residence, post office and boarding houses, not to forget the hotel facing the bay. Most notable is the Soldiers Hall built in 1923 which includes the museum and will be celebrating the centenary in a couple of years.

These brochures in vivid colour are a keepsake souvenir for visitors and have been well received, with the option of a gold coin donation to assist the museum with costs. They are available at the motel and caravan parks as well as the Emporium in the main street of town.

Photo: New resident in Iluka, Patrick Morgan looking at the brochure outside the museum. Image: contributed.