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Iluka Rowing & Aquatic Club

The Iluka Rowing Club Charity Bowls Day held at the Iluka Bowling Club on Sunday November 29 was enjoyed by all those who attended. The rain early in the morning frightened a few off but both clubs were surprised by the numbers that did turn up. The first couple of ends started off with players under umbrellas but then the showers lifted and it was perfect weather for bowls, although a few novices took a couple of ends to work out which way the bias worked, all good fun when you are learning. After Bowls everyone was treated to lunch in the barbeque area. Many thanks to the volunteers who helped with organising the greens and preparing lunch for so many, it was much appreciated. To the Iluka Bowling Club for the use of their facilities and a donation to the Rowing Club at the end of the day. We are very grateful for the support you have shown. Gayle Armou