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Iluka CWA International Day – Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Iluka CWA members looked forward to the last day of the 2nd term, when the Iluka primary school children walk down to the Memorial Hall, dressed in their red sports uniform, for the results of the judging of their “Country of Study” projects on PNG. The projects are all hung up the previous day for judging and for everyone to view.

Principal Phil Bradmore opened the ceremony and invited some of the girls, appropriately dressed, to perform some of the PNG dances.

He then introduced one of the judges, Margo Grant (Jane Bronnotti, the second judge was unable to attend). Margo then stated that every year the projects were good, but this year they excelled. Principal Phil advised that this year there were several second, thirds and Highly Commended for most grades. Judge Margo advised this was because of the general excellence of work and judging took many hours.

Certificates were then handed out to students from Kindergarten through to Year 6.

Before the close of the ceremony, Margo had a quiz on PNG for the children – all questions answered correctly with one answer having all in the hall laughing.

Principal Phil thanked the children for the work they put in and their good behaviour. He then told everyone the CWA had afternoon tea for all and asked the children to walk in grades outside, where the CWA ladies were waiting with a table laden with homemade patty cakes, chocolate crackles etc.

Iluka CWA would like to thank Principal Phil, the teachers, everyone who helped put up the projects, especially Mark from the school who helps every year, Margo and Jane (judges) and the children, for their work on the projects.

See you all next year.

Doreen Cupitt