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Humpty Dumpty Foundation’s Ball helps Grafton Base Hospital

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation’s Great Humpty Ball has granted Grafton Base Hospital’s wish for a Rad 7 Pulse Oximeter with sensors valued at $4,440 for the Children’s Ward, bringing the total of equipment (six pieces) donated in 2015 to the Grafton Base Hospital to $55,420. Last year marked the 25th celebration of the Humpty Dumpty Foundation fund-raising to save young Australian lives. Through its annual fund-raising initiatives and with the support of generous individual and corporate donors the Humpty Dumpty Foundation is able to purchase life-saving medical equipment for hospitals specifically to care for children and babies. Having now raised $53 million and continuing to make a significant impact on the lives of sick and injured children at children’s hospitals and health service centres in every state of Australia, the Humpty Dumpty Foundation was established by Founder and Executive Chairman, Paul Francis OAM. The piece for Grafton Base Hospital was 1 of 54 pieces of medical equipment purchased by the Humpty Dumpty Foundation’s generous supporters to go into 26 hospitals of the 258 hospitals across Australia that the Humpty Dumpty Foundation currently supports. By shining a light through the baby’s finger or toe the Rad 7 Pulse Oximeter measures the amount of oxygen in their capillaries. This ensures correct and safe oxygen delivery during highly critical times in an effort to prevent damage to organs such as the brain, eyes and lungs. “I applaud each and every one of our supporters for their generous and ongoing support to the Humpty Dumpty Foundation. At the Great Humpty Ball we raised just over $1 million to support hospitals and health services across Australia with much-needed medical equipment that medical professionals require to care for young Australian lives” said Paul Francis.