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Hot air ballooning comes to Grafton

Look to the sky early this Saturday and Sunday morning and you will be able to see colourful hot air balloons in our sky. 2017 Jacaranda Queen Candidate Alana Gordon has collaborated with the guys from Byron Bay Hot Air Balloons to bring this great experience to Grafton as part of her fundraising efforts for the Jacaranda Festival. Information from Alana: Hot air ballooning as always been something I have wanted to do, when I began brain storming fundraising ideas I knew I wanted to do something different something that was going to create a memorable experience for the residence of the Clarence Valley, so I thought why not combined the two. I contacted Byron Bay Hot Air Ballooning with my idea of bringing hot air balloons to Grafton to do at the time what I thought would be one flight over the Clarence Valley. Lui, Thomas and the team at Byron Bay have been amazing in the planning of this event and more than happy to help in any way they possibly can. I put the word out on my Jacaranda Facebook page and I was overwhelmed with the interest. My idea of one balloon soon grew to having two balloons going up on Saturday morning carrying 25 local residents and three balloons going up Sunday carry a total of 35 local residents. It will be a one hour sunrise flight over our beautiful valley followed by a delicious champagne breakfast at Toast Espresso. Final flight details will be released by 4pm the day before the flight.