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Family history volunteers, Benita Holroyd and Judy Laylor at the research terminals, Grafton Library. Image: contributed

Help to explore your family history

Is your family history a blank canvas? Or do you have some unanswered questions? Perhaps you’ve started a family history but have gotten stuck on specific points? If you’ve ever wanted to research any part of your family history but don’t know how or can’t afford popular platforms such as or Find My Past then the library can solve the problem.

Your library, with the support of volunteers Benita Holroyd and Judy Laylor, is running a special, free Family History Research Session on Saturday October 12 from 9.45am to 11.45am. Bookings are recommended to reserve your place and access to our research computers and genealogy systems.

Benita, Judy and other volunteers, have been supporting family history research in the region for over thirty years. They know all the tricks of the genealogy trade and this is a wonderful opportunity to work on your family history with their experience.