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Harwood celebrates 150 years of cricket

L-R Maclean Bowling Club president Des Johnson, Harwood Cricket Club [HCC] Treasurer Trent Lobb, HCC President Tim McMahon, former international umpire Peter Parker, former Australian Cricket Captain Mark Taylor, HCC Secretary Doug Moss, (front) Organising committee Nathan Ensbey and Hayden McMahon. Image: Lynne Mowbray.
Around 235 people attended the 150th anniversary of the Harwood Cricket Club, at a celebration dinner which was held at the Maclean Bowling Club, on Saturday night. Guest speakers on the night were former Australian cricket captain and Australian of the Year Mark Taylor and former international umpire Peter Parker, who both donated their time free of charge to speak at the function. Mark Taylor said that he was first told about the Harwood Cricket Clubs milestone, about eight or nine months ago. “I was a bit surprised that a regional area had a cricket club that was a 150 years old,” Mr Taylor said. “The first thing is it blew me away and the second thing is that I know this area very well, as my in-laws come from up this way. “I’m quite a regular around Harwood and usually I’m not dressed up like this. I just put on a pair of shorts and a fishing shirt when I come up here. I know a lot of people in this area and so when I was asked to come along and say a few words to celebrate 150 years, I thought it’s great for cricket and also great for this area. So I was happy to do my bit.” When Mr Taylor was asked about the Harwood Cricket Clubs grounds and historic grandstand, he replied tongue in cheek, ‘it’s got a HUGE grandstand’. “It would be nice to have a few buildings next to it maybe, that would be the go wouldn’t it,” he said. “Some change rooms would be good. I reckon the grounds are excellent; it really is. “I was there today [Saturday] and watched the boys have a bit of a whack. “I didn’t have a go but they tried very hard to talk me into one. So no, I didn’t have a hit but I watched a fair bit of the game today. I reckon the grounds are great and it’s a great facility for Harwood.” Harwood cricket club president Tim McMahon wished to thank all the volunteers who assisted in making it a successful night.